Rudolph Perfect Roadster GmbH – Karmann Ghia replica

Posted: 06/11/2008 in car replicas, kitcars, replicars, repliche auto

Azienda tedesca che produce la replica della cara vecchia Karmann Ghia VW.

  1. timelock says:

    My Karmann Ghia Replika from Rudolph

  2. Feroze Ghaffoor says:

    Sunday 7,August 2016

    I am really very interested in importing a few Replica VW Carmen Ghia cars into my country and they should be actually “right hand driven”, and i would like to know about engine options available and other specifications.
    Pricing should be for “soft top” and “hard top”
    Therefore i would appreciate very much if Mr Rudolph could contact me and give me all the specific details.
    Thank you
    I remain
    Yours respectfully
    Feroze Ghaffoor

  3. Feroze Ghaffoor says:

    or pardon me what is the link

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