From my profile. About Replicas

Posted: 02/01/2010 in replicars

The replicas are produced handicraft and while in many countries, including Europeans, is legal in Italy are FORBIDDEN, is not only a question of copyright is also a matter of paperwork and bureaucracy. I find it very tasty and even fascinating, in times when the appearance is all, objects so “misleading” are emblematic. Critics of such replications often say that these objects are damaging the original manufacturer, I don’t agree, I don’t think that replicas take away costumer from the original. Who can buy a Ferrari from 300000 euro certainly doesn’t buy a small fiberglass car Pontiac based at 30000 euro. These are products that pay homage to  the original and allow lot of people to have a car that resembles that of their dreams. Certainly we should not end in the scam, a fake must be sold as a fake.

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