Southern Roadcraft Ferrari Daytona replica FOR SALE

Posted: 06/02/2010 in car replicas, for sale, replicars, repliche auto

Questa è una vera chicca!
Tinta Jet Black con interni in pelle biscotto e nero questa meravigliosa GTS 365 / 4 Spyder replica è basata sul telaio e la meccanica di una Ferrari 400i del 1982 con guida a destra. La conversione della carrozzeria è stata effettuata  professionalmente dalla Southern Roadcraft nel 2007 ed è una copia esatta della Ferrari Daytona prodotto tra il 1968-1973. Messa in vendita per conto del attuale proprietario a £ 54.995, che rappresenta un ottimo prezzo considerando che un originale costerebbe fino a £ 200000!
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This is great!
Finished in Jet Black with Biscuit / Black Leather Interior this stunning 365 GTS/4 Spyder replica is based on the chassis and mechanics of a 1982 right hand drive Ferrari 400i. The body coversion was carried out professionally by Southern Roadcraft in 2007 and is an exact copy of the Ferrari Daytona produced between 1968-73. Offered for sale on behalf of the current owner at £54995 which represents excellent value considering that an original would cost up to £200k!
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  1. takashi says:

    Hallo. My name is Takashi. Does this car exist now? I am interested in this car. Is the condition of the engine good? Does the air conditioner work? Please reply. Thank you.

    • replicars says:

      Hallo! Please take note that this site is just informative, with no commercial pourpose. The car was for sale some years ago.. So I can’t tell you further infos.

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