Jaguar SS100 replica FOR SALE @

Posted: 12/12/2010 in car replicas, replicars, repliche auto

Da uno dei miei siti internet preferiti , venditore di repliche e auto rare di Clearwater in Florida – USA.
Sul sito c’è in vendita, tra le altre, questa replica della Jaguar SS100  del 1937 costruita dalla Intermeccanica nel 1973 (la numero 20 delle 50 costruite). Motore 6 cilindri Ford da 170CV con un corpo vettura peso piuma, un veicolo classico e divertente. Gialla con cappottina bianca, interni in pelle nera e cruscotto il legno con strumenti Jaeger. Ruote a raggi gommate Dunlop e dettagli nel miglior stile british. Una rarità a soli 17900$.
Per dettagli e informazioni: o fate uno squillo a Bob al 727-581-9406
SS100 replicaFrom one of my favourite websites
” This SS100 has only 26,700 miles since 1973, which is nothing. has a thick fiberglass body, & Dunlop 72 spoke-real wire wheels, with a rear mounted spare tire, tan top & side curtains, 3 rear view mirrors, and powered by a very peppy 170 horsepower 4.1 liter 250 straight 6 Ford engine, that can do 120 MPH !!, weight is only 2200 pounds & has a 3 speed C4 automatic tranny, 22 gallon gas tank, all Jaeger dash instruments, & is 150″ long, 104″ wheelbase, 61″wide, &44 inches high, has side wind deflectors, black leatherette bucket seats, twin fog lamps, wood dash, and these cars are not kit cars at all-but factory built by Intermeccanica in Italy, & this is #20 of only 50 ever built, & is already a sought after classic car, since its almost 38 years old. 15″ tires, 9″Ford rear end, has sliding plexiglass side windows & very water tight, & also has a zippered tonneau cover for that real British look. they are almost an exact full sized replica of the 37-39 Jaguar SS100. these cars are very responsive & corners like a true roadster. no emissions needed on these cars, & great for import anywhere in the world also. this is car #20 of the 50, & had the same owner since 1999,& still has the original light yellow paint job. a lot of car for only $17,900. that’s all $17,900.”
Infos about this car at: or call 727-581-9406

  1. utente anonimo says:

    Looks like one of the Lupin III cars!

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