Bentley GTC replica by The Bentley Kit

Posted: 01/30/2012 in car replicas, coachbuilding, kitcars, replicars, repliche auto

Hi guys, just found this video that shows how to transform a Chrysler Sebring into a great looking Bentley GTC!

Ciao ragazzi, ho appena trovato questo video che mostra come trasformare una Chrysler Sebring in una Bentely GTC!

  1. Dimitar says:

    how much is the Bentley kit

  2. Rolando Estrada says:

    Im looking for the kit to the Sebring for this bently model and does it come with installation instructions

  3. Richie Rich says:

    Kool kit, but if you are looking for a Bentley kit you should check these guys out,
    they have a gtc, and supersport that fits the chrysler sebring convertible and mustang coupe
    and have really good prices. Check them out! They are in Atlanta Georgia.

    • replicars says:

      Thanks. Same kit by Fugazzi and Keeping it real customising.

      • keith b says:

        Hey bro I really like your kits.I was gone to wait on the gt model but I know u said that they are still in production.I now have my Sebring gtc .I m ready for your great work.We’ve talk several times on the phone.please leave me ur number or u can call 214 298 9088..thanks talk to u soon..K B

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