Lamborghini Gallardo replica: perfection from the UK

Posted: 05/02/2015 in car replicas, design, kitcars, replicars, repliche auto, sportscars
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Discover the builder of this perfect Gallardo replica in the May issue (2015) of Complete Kit Car magazine

Scoprite il costruttore di questa perfetta replica di Lamborghini Gallardo nel numero di maggio della rivista inglese Complete Kit Car magazine

  1. Dominic says:

    How many obstacles will I have shipping to US? Also how much to purchase this car

    • replicars says:

      Hi Dominic, this page is just dedicated to kit cars and replicas, I’m not the builder or the dealer. Consider that US are very restrictive with import “european” cars, this replica was built in the UK. I don’t know details about this car, it was published on a British mag.

      • ethan says:

        Do you have anymore info regarding this? Like the build process and so on? I’m incredibly interested but kit car mag sold out of this issue. Can you scan me a PDF?

  2. daryl hatherley says:

    I saw this car at the National kitcar show at Stoneleigh in England, I actually thought it was the real deal, the builder was selling it for £30k inc the moulds to, it was the only replica of the Galardo at the time.It needed finishing hence the asking price, don’t know where it is now? I have the magazine which features the car and the builders details if any use to you?

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